BARCLAMP BAR RISE KIT 7/8 in (22.2mm) Offset



- ZETA Bar Rise Kit 20mm Offset
- This bar clamp kit can offset the handlebar position forward or backward by 20mm and bar clamp kit that can raise the height by 26mm.
- The kit is available for standard diameter bars and large diameter bars.
- The kit for standard diameter bars can be attached to 22.2mm handlebar mounts. (ZE56-0526/ZE56-05261)
- For large diameter bars, can be installed on 22.2mm/28.6mm handlebar mounts. (ZE56-0626/ZE56-06261)

Color Part #  Bar Clamp  Handlebar diameter
Ti-color ZE53-0526 22.2 mm 22.2 mm
Black ZE53-05261 22.2 mm 22.2 mm
Ti-color ZE53-0626 # 22.2 mm 28.6 mm
28.6 mm
Black ZE53-06261 # 22.2 mm 28.6 mm
28.6 mm

# Can be mounted on either 22.2/28.6mm vehicle bar mount (32-42mm pitch range)

 bar rise kit Dimension