- A spring with progressive characteristics for enduro.
- The standard spring has a characteristic that the load linearly stiffens in proportion
to the amount the suspension sinks, whereas the progressive spring has
a characteristic that it is soft when it starts to sink and strong when it sinks deeply.
- With a small gap, the suspension moves well and absorbs well, so there is
less strain on the body and the center of gravity when driving is lower, allowing
stable cornering.
- It is difficult to hit the bottom when a large impact such as when passing a large gap or landing a jump.
- In addition, since the beginning of compressing is soft, foot contact is also improved.

Image Part# Bike Year Adaptation Color Spring rate
Front ZE56-9161 YZ125X 17-21 Front - 3.6 - 4.2 N/mm
Rear ZE56-9261 Rear White 39 - 44 N/mm
Front ZE56-9164 YZ250X 16-22 Front - 3.85 - 4.3 N/mm
Rear ZE56-9264 Rear White 42 - 50 N/mm
Front ZE56-9167 YZ250FX 15-19 Front - 3.85 - 4.3 N/mm
Rear ZE56-9267 YZ250FX 20-22 Rear White 45 - 51 N/mm
[Note] Assemble the front spring so that the marking is on the lower side.