- Lowdown spring for CT125 Hunter Cub.
- By replacing the springs lower the height by about 20mm.*1
- Three different spring rates provides soft at the beginning of compressing and strong when deeply compressing.
- This improves reaching the ground with feet without loosing its performance.
- The performance will works for shorter riders in city use.
- The stock stand can be used.
- The front spring can be easily replaced by simply removing the fork top cap.*2

[ Attention ]
Assemble with the narrower side facing up.


*1 When a rider weighing 70kg rides the bike, it is lowered about 20mm.
The actual amount of lowering will be affected by the rider’s weight.

*2 Since the front spring has a reduced stroke, adding 15-20ml of fork
oil (viscosity: 10w) to each side will provide a smoother suspension
effect with less bottoming out.

Spring Part #
Front ZE56-9331
Rear ZE56-9431