Quick preload adjustment by turning, not tapping!

Simply insert it between the stock spring seat and spring for improving work efficiency. Even in a bike where access to the rear shock is difficult, adjustment can be easily made by simply turning the spring part by hand without using special tools. Facilitates difficult preload adjustment without damaging the plastic spring seat.

Part Number :
- ZE56-13042 SHOWA50B / Red
- ZE56-13050 WP50 / Black
- ZE56-13060 WP46 / Black

- Body: High-strength aluminum alloy
- Teflon ring: Teflon

- Spring seat x 1 pcs
- Washer x 1 pcs
- Teflon ring x 1 pcs

Shaped to fit the stock spring seat. Shaped to fit the stock spring seat.
ZE07-0900 Special rubber is placed on the contact surface with the spring seat. Turning the spring body rotates the spring seat together for easy adjustment.
ZE07-0900 A Teflon ring is placed on the spring contact surface to allow the spring to turn smoothly. It also releases friction caused by twisting when the spring expands or contracts, preventing damper movement from being adversely affected.
ZE07-0900 When used in conjunction with the DRC Sag Checker, suspension setting can be easily performed from measurement to adjustment.