Quick preload adjustment by turning, not tapping!

Simply by replacing the stock locknut and spring seat, the difficult preload adjustment is made easier. Instead of the locknut method, the band method used by WP and other companies can be used. The lock nut can be locked and unlocked with a 5mm hex wrench. No need to repeatedly tap in the spring when adjusting the preload, and easy to adjust by simply turning the spring part by hand even when it is attached to the bike body.

Some suspensions may require disassembly for installation. Some rear shocks with short thread length of the shock body itself may limit the preload adjustment range.

Part Number :
- ZE56-13016 KYB50 / Blue
- ZE56-13026 KYB46 / Blue
- ZE56-13032 SHOWA 50A / Red
- ZE56-13070 WP50B / Black

- Body: High-strength aluminum alloy
- Body thread: Resin
- M6 bolt: Aluminum
- Teflon ring: Teflon

- Spring seat x 1 pcs
- Threaded body x 1 pcs
- Stopper x 1 pcs
- Teflon ring x 1 pcs
- Washer x 1 pcs
- Steel sheet × 1pcs
- M6 bolt x 1pcs

ZE07-0900 Special rubber is placed on the contact surface with the spring seat. Turning the spring body rotates the spring seat together for easy adjustment.
ZE07-0900 High-strength plastic is used for the threads on the inside of the main body, just as in the WP product. The threaded part of the shock body rotates smoothly without being stripped.
ZE07-0900 A Teflon ring is placed on the spring contact surface to allow the spring to turn smoothly. It also releases friction caused by twisting when the spring expands or contracts, preventing damper movement from being adversely affected.
ZE07-0900 The M6 bolt can be inserted and tightened from either direction, allowing the user to select an easily accessible orientation to suit the vehicle.
ZE07-0900 When used in conjunction with the DRC Sag Checker, suspension setting can be easily performed from measurement to adjustment.