Guard Adventure Armor Hand Guard for CL250/350

Adventure Armor Hand Guard for CL250/350

Highly rigid aluminum handguard for full-scale off-road driving!


Aluminum hand guard for CL250/500. Highly rigid aluminum is used to withstand off-road riding. Special shape of the handle clamps avoids interference with wires. Special bar ends are included for direct attachment to stock handlebar end. Color anodizing and laser marking logo.

Can be fit with all types of Armor handguard protector series and scud protectors (sold separately). Optional bumpers and sliders (sold separately) can be attached.

Please note that this product may not be able to be installed depending on the shape of the aluminum handle. Compatible with aluminum handle inner diameters from φ13.5mm to φ15mm. Modification of the grip and throttle tube to make them open-ended is required for installation.

  • Surface Treatment : Anodized
  • Set Contents :
    • Adventure Armor handguard body: left/right set
    • Special clamp kit: left/right set
    • Special bar end kit: 2 sets
Part # Color
ZE72-6081 Black
Adventure Armor Hand Guard for CL250/350 The handle clamps are specially shaped to avoid interference with brake hoses and wires, and can be firmly secured in place.
Adventure Armor Hand Guard for CL250/350 All Armor Handguard Protector series (sold separately) can be installed.
Adventure Armor Hand Guard for CL250/350 Compatible with stock handlebars and after market aluminum handlebars.
【For stock handlebar】
Directly attached to the M6 threaded hole on the end of the stock handlebar.
【Aluminum Handlebar】
Strong installation using the special adapter for aluminum handlebars.


Nme Part #
Armor Handguard Kit Black ZE72-6901
Armor Handguard Kit Ti-color ZE72-6902