Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA

Easy Push Button and outstanding fixation force


By temporarily shortening the front forks, the device suppresses front up at the start. Hole-shot device brushed up by request from the race scene. High fixation force and easy push of the button have been improved for metal starts that require a deep-set position.

  • Color - Brown/Black
  • Weight - 61g
  • Material - A7000 series aluminum alloy
  • Surface Treatment - Hard anodized/anodized aluminum
  • Set Contents
    • Main unit: 1 pc.
    • Clamp band: 1 piece
    • Template sticker: 1 piece
    • 1 set of mounting bolts (ZE89-7050 includes 2 sets of KAYABA and WP clamp bolts)
Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA Large, easy-to-use push buttons are used. Designed so that it can be pressed even with the palm of the hand, reducing the burden on the mechanic. Supports deep set positions that were difficult to achieve with previous device kit.
Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA Newly shaped push rod for easier and more secure device set. When compressing the front fork, the push rod is less likely to catch on the outer tube or device clamp.
Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA Two types of clamp bands are available. They fit with high precision and provide high fixation force. For WP/KAYABA (clamp diameter: 54 mm dia.) For SHOWA (clamp diameter 55mm dia.)
Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA Hinge-type clamp bands are easy to service and can be removed and attached without pulling out the front forks.
Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA The hinge is positioned to avoid wrapping around the fork slider, so that the hinge does not interfere with the fork slider, and does not impede the movement of the front fork.
Pro Launch Control KAYABA/WP SHOWA When installing, a positioning sticker is included to prevent mistakes in drilling during installation. Greatly improves workability.