Body CRF250L


- Stylish look by simply replacing

Ducts for a clean appearance and stylish looks. Easy installation by simply replacing the factory ducts. Also recommended when changing the carrier.

  • Black
  • Matte finish / Inlet: Sandblasting finish
  • Body: TPU
  • Inlet: Stainless steel mesh
Parts Number
ZE59-5000 Installation is simple and easy, similar installation to stock ducts. Stylish design with stainless steel mesh embedded in the intake.
ZE59-5000 Drain holes are placed at the bottom to prevent rainwater from pooling inside the conversion duct.
ZE59-5000 The indentation next to the drain hole allows access to the duct cover bolts without removing the product.
ZE59-5000 Operation is maximized when the optional DRC Compact Carrier CT125 (Part No. D60-10-021) is installed